John G Smith is a new British author born on a small farm on the Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire border in 1942. He left school at fifteen to work as an office clerk in a British Railways steam-train, motive power depot. Later, after joining the local Electricity Board and by private study, he qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant.

His work as a management consultant with Price Waterhouse took him all around the UK, and as far afield as Malaysia, Singapore, and Southern India. After returning to the UK in 1974 he went on to join the Cope Allman International Group and become Chairman of the Bell-Fruit Services subsidiary company responsible for over 3,000 employees. When the parent company was broken up John formed his own consultancy that still exists today. He is an active trader on both the London and New York stock exchange. As well as the Far East, John’s business travels have taken him to Australia, America, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland and Spain.

John is married to his second wife Julia and has two sons, three granddaughters and two step grandchildren. He currently lives in a quiet, idyllic village in north Nottinghamshire. When he isn’t pursuing his love of writing, he can be found hiking on long walks, and spending time with his children and grandchildren.
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The Whitby Trilogy
1920 – 2020 Century of Change
Barn door to balance sheet

ISBN 978-1-4461-6975-9
Published September 2nd  2010
Language English

This is the story of how one man amongst many was unwittingly sowing the seeds for Thatcher’s Britain by replacing the blast furnace with a balance sheet and the pipe and slippers for permanent stress and a very sharp pencil.

We invented management consultancy and corporate jargon because we believed in it, we then set about changing the way Britain worked.
Derbyshire born

ISBN 978-1-4466-7742-1
Published November 24th, 2010
119 Pages

Anyone with an interest in 20th century social history – Anyone with an interest in how Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire life changed forever in the post WW2 era – Anyone with an interest in the sea change that took place at the cutting edge of business practice in the sixties and seventies – Anyone looking for a good book to read – and of course my family so they know how it really was.

Quantitive wheezing

Published December 10th 2010

I`ve spent a lifetime in business and business consultancy. As you can imagine I’ve been following the dramatic economic events we’ve come to know as the “Credit Crunch” with some interest.

Regulars to my original have enjoyed the diary for a couple of months now but I`ve been persuaded that it’s time for busy people to be able to access the...

As well as the opportunity to reach a wider audience it would be interesting to invite comments from readers and start a wider debate.

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